Intelliagg Acquires DARKSUM

Intelliagg (Threat finder Ltd), provider of cyber threat intelligence services and software platforms for real-time cyber threat intelligence Intelligence, today announced it has acquired DARKSUM, Inc. a leading innovator in darknet collection and analytics. Under the terms of the agreement, Intelliagg has acquired all the assets, software, employees and intellectual property of DARKSUM for an undisclosed sum.

The combination of the DARKSUM and Intelliagg technologies revolutionize the intelligence collection market by unifying world-class machine learning capabilities with complete darknet collection.

Recent high-profile breaches show the business impact of information leaks and targeted attacks. Using automated detection leveraging machine learning is the future for detecting known and unknown threats from insider and external attackers to help organisations mitigate damages in a timely manner.

“Intelliagg built its reputation in security by enabling customers to effectively identify and respond to breaches and emerging threats. With this acquisition, our customers can now also better detect advanced threats found on the darknet – Breaches that are becoming more complex and severe with each passing day,” said Thomas Olofsson, co-founder of Intelliagg.

“With DARKSUM, Intelliagg improves its capabilities in detecting and acting upon advanced threats by shining a light on those threat actors who are hiding on the darker areas of the net. By detecting and responding to known and unknown threats, and by providing a platform to detect, respond to, and automate actions, Intelliagg has further reinforced its position of moving its clients from a reactive to a proactive position”

“We founded DARKSUM with a vision to help clients be in a proactive stance when monitoring for threats found only in the dark web,” said Eric Michaud, CEO, DARKSUM. “By joining Intelliagg and applying their machine learning platform to our datasets we are able to better detect breaches and new threat actor behavior. DARKSUM has solved a problem that previously required significant manpower, expensive custom toolsets, and compute time. We are very excited to join the Intelliagg family and deliver new detection capabilities to customers.”

Key capabilities of the combination of the Intelliagg and DARKSUM solutions include the ability to:

Detect physical and cyber Threats against your organization

  • Continuous monitoring for and automatic detection of threats from private and open sources the use multi-domain analysis using machine learning.
  • Continuous monitoring of hundreds of thousands of darknet as well as open sources.
  • All events manually verified by skilled threat analysts

About Intelliagg

Intelliagg is a leading threat intelligence company working with organisations to control or evade data loss, reputational damage and targeted cyber crime through the provision of intelligence and automatic threat detection through machine learning.

The company provides a suite of professional and managed services that deal with cyber threat intelligence and incident response management. Intelliagg was founded in London 2011 and is privately held by the founders.

The company’s founders had a vision to bridge the gap between technical cyber protection and theoretical risk assessment models with actionable threat intelligence.

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