LinkedIn Data Leak

Everyone has most likely already heard about the recent leak of the 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords. Although the information dates back to 2012, Intelliagg has found the leaked source files and has determined that 30% of the leaked passwords are still valid. LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, which links people to their past and current employers and both personal and professional contacts.

This creates a greater risk to your business, as employees in most cases enable the launch point for an external intrusion. In addition to addressing the need for password changes, businesses should make their employees aware of the increased risks of social engineering attacks through use of the users contact base and known interests. Your employees also need to be on alert for brand jacked email notifications, which include links to Blackhole exploit kits – users should only accept invitations via the Linkedin application, rather than click on notification links sent via email.

Intelliagg CEO on BBC Horizon