National Democratic party hacked and emails released to the public

This months Wikileaks have published internally sensitive documents that come from a hack that targeted the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This lead to the eventual resignation of the Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. CrowdStrike broke news that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Convention email but not details of how the attribution was performed have been shared with the public. Researchers could not definitively find how the groups got into the system, but the typical way in for the groups is through carefully crafted deceptive emails, called “spearphishing,” that trick recipients into clicking malicious links.

At the same time a independent threat actor known as “Guccifier 2.0” as a homage to the independent Rumanian hacker “Guccifier” That now awaits sentencing for similar hacks in the U.S. claims responsibility for the attacks and has posted other documents claimed to be from the attack online on various forums. Sources close to Wikileaks seems to support this version. Weather the attack can be attributed to Russian Nation State attackers or independent adversaries is of little relevance. What matters, for the DNC hack, is that people learn the importance of end-to-end encryption via S/MIME or PGP for email, and people start focusing more on those problems.