60 million accounts from dropbox hack has been dumped on the internet

On the 31st of august 60 million account details for online cloud storage provider Dropbox has now surfaced on the internet. The accounts were stolen during a previously disclosed breach in 2012, and Dropbox has already forced password resets earlier this week, previously it was not known how many users had been affected, and only now is it clear that it was the entire database at the time that was compromised.

Sources for various publications have received samples and in all the leak contains about 5GB of data and include the account details of 68,680,741 accounts including usernames, e-mail addresses and encrypted password hashes.

The data is legitimate, according to a senior Dropbox employees.

Earlier this week, Dropbox announced it was forcing password resets for a number of users after discovering a set of account details linked the 2012 data breach. Dropbox did not publish any figure on the number of resets performed. According to dropbox statement in 2012